Our beef comes from a our own Angus herd that is pasture raised and grass-fed for a majority of their lives then finished on a corn silage ration that we grow ourselves.  Also, we offer grass-fed only beef.  It never includes any growth hormones or animal by-products.  We still use the old fashioned, natural, dry-aged process of about 14 days to provide a great robust flavor and increase tenderness in the meat.  

We use a licensed State processor who cuts the meat to our specifications and wraps individual pieces in clear plastic for visibility when selecting just the right piece.  On top of  the individual cuts, we have the ability to offer quarter, half, and whole beef, or half hog purchases.  Also, we are known for carrying all different types of Kansas Products including Salsa's, Honey, and Jerky.  Please submit an inquiry for more information.

If you need an order delivered, we also ship in insulated coolers and offer gift certificates when looking for a unique gift selection.  Give us a try and see what good beef is suppose to taste like!

You’ll be glad you did!

– Russ Fulmer
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