About Us

Easy Access to Premium Local Meat at Affordable Prices

Kansas Premium Meats started nearly 20 years ago when Russ and Roxie Fulmer saw the need to provide the opportunity for people to purchase individual cuts of their premium beef in addition to traditional quarter, half, and whole beef sales. In 2012 the Fulmers built a retail store to provide easier access and better service to their growing customer base. In 2021, Francis and Shannon Awerkamp purchased the business with a passion to carry on and expand the Fulmers’ legacy. The Kansas Premium Meats retail and online stores offer a wide variety of individual cuts and convenient bundle options of locally sourced premium meats. Small, medium, and large bundles allow customers to purchase the highest quality beef at competitive prices while not having to commit to the initial cost or storage challenges of quarters or halves. In addition to these packaging options, future plans include the on-site production of a variety of smoked and cured meat products, starting with jerky in the fall of 2021. Plans for physical expansion of the store include an aging cooler with onsite cutting and packaging, and eventually a small processing plant that will ensure the highest levels of quality control, and dramatically reduce price fluctuation and supply problems associated with market volatility and unpredictable access to processing facilities.

Easy Access

Whether ordering online or shopping in our store, customers can purchase exactly what they want and are not limited to set cuts offered with a quarter or half beef. Individual cuts and bundles are in stock and can be picked up with no waiting on most days. Bundles have a clear list of items and weights, providing popular cuts and sizing options ranging from family style economy bundles, to specialized steak bundles. Convenient, in-stock bundle options allow our customers to enjoy the superior quality meats and support our local ranchers and processors.

Premium Local Meat

We source our meats from ranchers and processors in Kansas, with most of our meats raised minutes, not hours away.  As we like to say, “Your meat could walk here.” All of our suppliers maintain long standing operations recognized locally, regionally, and nationally for the quality of their products. We pride ourselves in nurturing our relationships with family farms and ranching operations, and for providing an outlet to showcase these exceptional, nutritious and delicious meats.  In addition to beef, we source pork, buffalo, elk, and seasoned meats, as well as local honey, baked goods, mixes,  preserves, and crafts produced by trusted suppliers.

Affordable Prices

Higher quality locally produced products can be affordable! At Kansas Premium Meats we strive to provide a broad range of options at reasonable prices to give more people a superior local buying opportunity.  Due to the efficiency of our operation and commitment to fair pricing, we can in most cases price our individual cuts lower than most retail stores or online sites. Our customized bundling approach allows for bulk packages at prices under $5.00 per pound for premium ground beef with steaks and roasts. How do our prices compare to traditional quarters and halves? Most quarter or half beef purchases average $5.50 to $6.50 per pound of frozen beef, or higher in the last 18 months. At the common price of $2.70 per pound hanging weight and $1.00 per pound processing, the price per hanging pound averages $3.70. Processing results in 40 to 45% hanging weight loss, meaning the $3.70 per pound hanging translates to nearly $6.50 per pound customer cost. Less popular cuts and roasts also drive up costs. While our premium ground beef serves as the foundation of our bundles, we can, by reducing processing and storage costs, include popular cuts you want, at quantities you’ll use.

We know the importance of convenience and affordable prices, and realize that customers have many choices when it comes to buying beef.  We can’t promise that you’ll never find a lower price for a particular steak, and we may not be as close as your neighborhood supermarket.  But when you buy from us, you’re choosing to feed your family with superior quality meat grown by your neighbors, and sold to you by your friends at Kansas Premium Meats.