Our Suppliers

All our beef is locally raised, finished, and processed. We source our beef from Moser Ranch, Fulmer’s Premium Beef, Flint Hills Premium Meats, and Omega Farms (grass-fed). Our beef is processed at state inspected facilities located in Onaga or Holton.

Moser Ranch

Harry and Lisa Moser, and Cameron and Carrie Moser are a family operation, caring for their cowherd year-round in Pottawatomie and Marshall Counties. From calving to finishing, their 40 years of experience produces consistent beef that is nutritious and tender. No hormones/steroids are ever used and all beef is antibiotic free (antibiotics are never used during the long and careful finishing process and are used on younger calves only when necessary, which is very rare). Moser beef has been used in specialty beef markets since 2017, an opportunity reserved for beef producers who make consistent and delicious beef. From the juicy ground beef, the melt in your mouth roasts, and the amazing ribeye steaks, customers love the tenderness and flavor of Moser beef. Learn more about Moser Ranch at www.moserranch.com.

Fulmer's Premium Beef

Russ and Roxie Fulmer’s beef is well known for its amazing flavor and texture. A 3rd generation farming and cow calf operation, the Fulmer’s pride their beef on its All-Natural program, certified to be hormone and steroid free. Fulmer beef is raised on native and brome pastures here in Pottawatomie County, and then carefully finished on a longtime family recipe of grain and corn that they grow themselves. Customers rave about the flavor and tenderness of Fulmer’s beef, the flavor which has kept them coming back for more than a decade.

Omega Beef (grass-fed)

Our premium grass fed beef comes from Chris and Amanda Johnson in Jackson County. Their 100% grass fed and finished beef is specifically selected from a unique breed. This breed produces a very nicely marbled beef that rivals grain finished beef, with a smooth beef flavor that is rare in all grass fed beef. Combined with craftsman processing to carefully select the proper fats and cuts, this grass fed beef is a joy to eat. For those interested in 100% grass fed all natural beef, we are proud to carry Omega Beef to fill this need.